What the Tiger Lillies are to Weimar Berlin the Jukebox are to 1920's New Orleans!

Well that's what some shoeless guy in Camden told me...

The band features the authentic prohibition line-up of clarinet, banjo bass, jazz ukulele, harmonium, suitcase percussion, hooter-phones and vocals.

We’ve played with T-Model Ford, R L Burnside, Curtis Eller's American Circus and Professor Elemental. London’s infamous Black Cotton Club, Camden's Green Note, the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival and the North East’s premiere swing club the Swung Eight can all attest to the restorative powers of their voodoo ministry.

As for printed opinion?

Just click the link above for what the GUARDIAN, the YORKSHIRE TIMES and other august publications had to say about us both live and on record.

If you would like to book us for an event, or require a high resolution copy of our press kit, then please contact us using the CONTACT link above, or email us direct at
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